Wishbone Coffee Table

frequently asked questions

1.  Are all your products made from reclaimed materials?

Where possible, we try and use reclaimed timber in our products as we find this adds to the uniqueness and character of a piece.  Products that are reclaimed will have this included in the title/description. 

2.  Do you ship interstate?

If you are considering ordering online and you live interstate, please get in touch with us prior to ordering.  Then we can let you know how much the shipping costs will be.

3.  If I order an item online, how long will it take for me to get it?

It really depends on if an item is in stock and where you’re located.  If the item you want is in stock and you live in the Canberra region, the process is very quick. 

However if the item needs to be handmade especially for you, it can take 4-6 weeks. 

If you want to know if an item is in stock prior to ordering, please get in touch.  We’re happy to help.

4.  Do you do custom-orders?

We sure do!  If you have specific size requirements, please contact us with all the details, and we can provide you with a written quote. 

5.  We are thinking of purchasing online, but would like to see the product in real-life.  Where can I see some of your products?

We regularly attend markets around the Canberra region.  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get live updates on our next event.

6.  What finishes do you use on your products?

The steel is powdercoated, so you have a choice of colours.  The timber is finished with Osmo which is derived from natural oils and waxes.  Osmo provides a natural timber finish that penetrates the timber and forms a very thin surface coating.  For further information, please refer to Materials & Product Care.  

7.  Do your products require special care? 

To ensure the longevity of a piece, there is some minimal ongoing care that is required.  Please refer to our section Materials & Product Care for further details.  

8.  Will my products come assembled?

Yes all products are fully assembled.  

9.  Can I use my product outdoors?

Our products are designed for indoor use only.  If you require an outdoor item, please get in touch with us and we can provide you with a written quote.