Proudly handmade in Canberra

Sparks & Dust is a Canberra based furniture brand blending steel and timber into contemporary design.  Each piece is carefully handcrafted by designer/maker Daniel Margules who does both the welding and timberwork for each piece.  This enables him to have total quality control in his products.  Daniel Margules has been selected to participate in Denfair’s Front/Centre exhibition in Melbourne which represents some of the best designs from Australia’s most promising designers. 

Stylish, contemporary and durable

Wherever possible, reclaimed timber is used in the designs as we find it adds to the warmth, character and uniqueness of a piece.  Sparks & Dust products are made from quality materials and are built to be durable.  Our products will outlast "fast-furniture" (which is the mass produced, low quality flat-pack furniture that has become so common, typically ending up in landfill after a short period of time).  

Custom orders welcome!

If you have a specific idea in mind, please contact us for a quote.

Daniel creating designs for Sparks & Dust


Why the name Sparks & Dust?   

"When blending steel and timber, I'm always showered in sparks (welding) and sawdust, hence the name 'Sparks & Dust' was born".  - Daniel, Sparks & Dust


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